SINGLE REVIEW: Patience – ‘Trust’


Patience make good music, absolutely fabulously good music. It’s music that takes you off on unexpected sonic journeys and uses sounds that don’t exactly fit the norm. Now granted I’m saying this after only two releases but believe me I speak the truth.

‘Trust’ is, in a very broad sense, alt-rock but not for Patience is that usual quiet/loud thing. There are dynamics but this is down to twists and turns, the moves from slow to fact, from feel to feel. There are so many sounds at play here that the list would be way too long. Look, the first minute or so goes from electric gothic-folk to amped up math-rock that ends up reminding me a bit of 60s’ pop-prog, to soaring huge rock, yo what can only be described as pop. You get the picture. But this is not to mention the achingly beautiful slow passage. It’s like a symphony in 5 minutes,

The thing is that ‘Trust’ is telling a story in words and music. The changes in feel amplify the words; and these are very good and powerful words. It is, unless I’m very much mistaken (and this is entirely possible), a song about a relationship told from the point of view of the person whose trust is abused. There is sadness, there is anger, there is regret and there is righteous fight back. This is going to put you through the wringer emotionally.

I guess I should say here that this is a band who really know their stuff musically. The playing is frankly scarily good. As is the vocal. That’s way too throwaway. The vocals on this track are outstanding – powerful, emotional and totally compelling.

‘Trust’ is so good I have no words that are adequate to describe how good it is. Incredible is the closest I can get. You just have to hear this.

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