A while back I reviewed EYEBRIGHT’s debut single ‘On My Mind’ and this kind of follows the same feel; melodic alternative rock. I say kind of because there’s something else; this track is really poppy. If there’s such a thing as alternative pop-rock then this is it.

The pop element is down to a couple of things; the vocals which lean heavily towards what I’m going to call pop-punk (I’m thinking Blondie here) and there’s a great tune. Oh, and I forgot, this track is danceable as hell. This is in contrast to the music which is quite crunchy. It’s this pop/rock contrast which makes this track great.

If you’re getting the impression that I’m slightly confused about this track, let me assure you that I’m not; it’s just that I’m having a problem describing it.

So let me tell you that this is a track with a great tune, a beat that compels you to dance your arse off, and fantastic ‘pop sensibility’. And has a sound that is both intriguing and compelling.

EYEBRIGHT make fabulous music. ‘Hazy’ is a joy.

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