SINGLE REVIEW: Gravy – ‘Wait Another Day’


Leeds band Gravy do Indie. Now. as you may know. Indie is not one of my favourites when it comes to musical genres. For an Indie track to win me over it has to have something, ‘Wait Another Day’ has something.

Now, before I go on, the band’s name is crying out for some sort of gravy based witty comment, but I’m going to resist that. You want gravy based humour, come up with your own.

Now the song has all the stuff Indie needs; jangly chiming guitars, that certain vocal style – casual I guess, that sparseness that Indie songs have in bursts. The certain something is the band’s own take on Indie. It comes with a poppy catchiness, an irresistible beat that is hard not to throw some shapes to. But there is more; a bass line that throbs through the track, and some frankly wonderful guitar flourishes. And, to top this off, it comes with a bittersweet element, an edge to the sound.

What this adds up to is a track that while based on genre where many tread the same musical path, stands out because of those unexpected elements. A track that won me over in the first 30 seconds; much to my surprise to be honest.

‘Wait Another Day’ is one hell of a song. The band’s first release, it promises much goodness to come from them in the future. Fabulous stuff.

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