SINGLE REVIEW: Su, I Think – ‘close to god’


I do love a great pop song, and ‘close to god’ is ticking all the right boxes. It’s pop in a kind of 80s way – all smooth groove and dreamy synths.

But wait, there is more. It’s the clever touches of sound that really kick this up, way up there.The sparse but rich sound where the persistent slow beat doesn’t drown that euphoric dreamy synth. And then there are the touches of vocal effects layered over the rich main vocal. And yeah, you could just enjoy a casual listen but the true reward comes with a deeper listen, then the real effect hits you, it’s hypnotic and mesmerising.

And there is the extra layer added by what the track is about; Su explains “‘Close to god’ is a song about giving into desire so much that you forget about yourself. The feelings of bitterness that come when you’re giving too much time away. When working on this track, for my upcoming project ‘real love’, we wanted to write about how easy it is to lose yourself amongst all the dopamine releasing when in a new fling. Ignoring the red flags and getting as ‘close to god’ as possible whilst ignoring all the obvious consequences. Opening your eyes and realising that maybe the Love might not be that good at all”.

You see, what we have here is a track where the music tells the story of the song as much as the lyrics. And it’s sonic bliss.

‘close to god’ is sophisticated, classy and a blast of bliss for your ears. Go on, give your ears a treat.

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