SINGLE REVIEW: Kath and The Kicks – ‘Walls Between Us’


If you’ve read my reviews of Kath and The Kicks’ gigs you’ll know that I rather like what they do. I say rather like, I mean bloody love what they do. So the opportunity to review a release from the band wasn’t something I was going to miss.

So, for those of you that don’t know what the band do, they play heavy alternative rock, and sometimes heavy rock. They inhabit that place where the two start to merge, at least to my ears. This song is a slab of fantastic heavy alternative rock.

‘Walls Between Us’ has all the power and impact of the band’s live performance but it has so much more. What it has more of is Kath’s voice which I’ve always liked but her vocals on this are damn fine. And that voice is singing great words, the words of this song are wonderfully written.

The playing, as I expected, is great – Kath’s guitar rocks, Shaneen’s bass swings and Matt’s drumming is way cool. And there are some great backing vocals on this track. Those and the words and vocals raise it above the general run of the mill alternative rock. It does this in a way I’m finding hard to put a finger on exactly, it just sounds cool OK? Is that enough? Sorry but that’s dangerously close to ‘it’s good because I think it is’, something I try not to say but in this case that’s what I’m saying.

Part of what makes it sound so good is the way this thing is put togerher. The quiet bits are so beautiful, and the heavy bits are so raw. If I’m hearing this properly the song is about a couple going through a difficult patch, where they can’t communicate. The way this is put together conveys the emotion of that so well.

In the short time I’ve had with this song, I’ve become addicted to it. It’s a fine fine piece of alternative rock with great playing and vocals. It’s a fantastic song with great words. Can you ask for anything more? Go take a listen now people.

The info

Kath and The Kicks are based in Leeds. The band are

Kath Edmonds – Vocals / Guitar
Shaneen Mooney – Bass / Backing Vocals
Matt Larkin – Drums / Percussion

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