SINGLE REVIEW: Lucky Iris – ‘something to believe in’


This is the second football related release from those groovy popsters Lucky Iris. And it’s an electro-pop Summer anthem -bubbly, hugely boppy and full of sounds that will leave a grin on your face.

The concept of a ‘football related’ song is something that needs explaining; over to vocalist Maeve “When I’m going through a rough time there are two things I consistently turn to: music, and football. Being a fan has always given me something to believe in when I need it. This track is our take on an anthem, an ode to the things we pour our heart into when we don’t feel like we can. For me, it’s football and pop music, so why not combine them both. There are so many parallels that can be drawn between football and music, but arguably the most obvious and important is the sense of community they both create. All you have to do is pick someone to support and in return get a sense of belonging’.

So it’s kinda about football AND music but more about being a supporter or fan of something or someone. It’s about what you get from being actively involved in being a supporter or fan So not necessarily solely about music and football. You get me? The words are open to interpretation, although there are some clear and obvious references in the words. The words, by the way, are great; Lucky Iris have a way with words.

But for me the joy of this track is how it sounds. Maeve weaves her somewhat breathy vocals – and those are fabulous – over and around a full on electro alt-pop sound that frankly has had everything including the kitchen sink, thrown at it. But the skill of the duo is how that’s done, there’s a lot going on but they don’t lose either the tune – and this has the most earwormy tune – or the insistent beat. THis is classy people.

This is Summer fun in a song. Go bop yourself silly and sweaty right now.

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