SINGLE REVIEW: Scenius – ‘Breezing Through It’


If Scenius’ music is new to you then there’s one thing that you should know. They might use electronic instruments to make their music but that’s just the instruments they choose to use, they could have equally chosen to use your standard analogue instruments – guitars, drums, and so on. What I’m trying to say, in what I admit is an awkward way, is that their music is organic; it sounds played and not generated.

Now if you’ve skipped to hear a quick preview of the track, you may be asking yourself ‘but it has a rhythm track, how could that match up with what you’ve just said?’. That’s a good question, hold that thought and I’ll answer it in a bit.

Now Scenius mines the archive – so to speak – of electronic based music for their wide range of sounds. In ‘ Breezing Through It’ I’m hearing something of the soaring sounds period of Duran Duran, Thomas Dolby and Pop period Ultravox amongst others. This is big and wide music made with a skill you can’t deny.

I’m going to circle back to the question I imagined the reader asking earlier. Yes, there’s a rhythm track – a decidedly retro sounding one – but it could have easily been drums providing that rhythm. And yes, there are electronic instruments but it’s not inconceivable that those could be replaced with guitars and the like. This is a song not an exercise in technology.

But let’s get back to the track. Get those wonderful sweeping sounds, the absolutely crucial role played by the vocal sounds that meld into the track. It’s all wonderfully full of mood and atmosphere. And that’s before we get to the spellbinding lead vocal; at once both deadpan and full of smouldering emotion. You see that’s what the song is about; the music supports that emotion, it emphases it

I love what Scenius do, but this song has taken root amongst my favourites of the band’s releases. Scenius make music with soul and heart. ‘Breezing Through It’ is compelling. It’s powerful, emotional and atmospheric. It’s beautiful.

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