SINGLE REVIEW: Melancholy Ray – ‘New Routine’


Melancholy Ray do indie the way I like indie. They have an ear for a great tune and play the living hell out of it.

And this is very much the case with ‘New Routine’. This thing has a tune that lodges itself into your head after one listen, it’s that catchy. And it’s blustering fast. This would be enough to make it cool, way cool. But it ain’t enough for Melancholy Ray, no way. They throw in some almost casually absolutely fantastic guitar, look, the guitar on this rocks people. Add in the drums that I expect from them, I love the drumming on their tracks. And on top of that some fantastic vocals. And what you have is something brilliant.

I’m not – if you’ve been keeping up with my reviews – a huge fan of indie but as I said Melancholy Ray do indie the way I like indie. And I bloody love this.

Nuff said, play it loud, dance your bloody socks off.

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