SINGLE REVIEW: Purple Thread – ‘I’m All About You’


In contrast to their last single – ‘Something Good’ – Purple Thread have gone all damn funky, and summery with this. It’s all kinda poppy, funky with a dirty rock edge. It’s a fine fine thing. It’s shake your thang until you drop with exhaustion.

It starts and the first thing you think – well at least I did – is ‘hey this is all a bit Blondie’, but that’s just the very very start, because it gets funky people. It’s so funky that sitting down to get started on this very review and with the track I repeat I was forced out of my reviewing seat (for those that are interested it’s a very comfy sofa) to throw the odd shape round the room. The problem is that the track was on repeat, so the bopping was rather longer lasting than I intended. It has that ‘dance in a big group with huge grins’ vibe about it

And while it’s a funky thing it has – as I said sorry, I’m repeating myself – that Purple Thread dirty rocky thing, that guitar that moves you. Liz employs that NY punky vocal thing she does, and that pure poppy vocal in places, that mix is a joy. There’s that choppy guitar, a bassline that just keeps you moving.

It would seem lazy to say Purple Thread have done it again, lazy but true. And yeah I’m a fan but even if I try really hard with my reviewer head firmly on I still think that. Get your summer playlists started with this people, get some friends, turn it up loud and bop til you drop.