SINGLE REVIEW: The Strangerz – ‘Hit The Ground’


The Strangerz make shouty punky bloody riotous music that makes my heart smile. I love it when music does that to me.

‘Hit The Ground’ comes with something special. Yes, it’s punky, yes, it’s riotous. But it comes with the extra joy of the sounds of post-punk bands – specifically Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Slits. It’s hard to define exactly why, it comes in the feel; but you can hear it in the slashing swooping vocals and the loping rhythm that pulses through the song.

Another thing the band have as a trademark is song subjects that make you think ‘wherever did they get the idea that that would be a good idea for a song?’ In this case the song is loosely Inspired by vocalist Martha’s urge to never leave her bed and sleep as close to the floor as possible, Bizarre and strange it may be but it makes for a great song. And words that deserve a second listen, they work on more than one level.

‘Hit The Ground’ is The Strangerz at their best. A blast of raw music that has style and substance, and is fun. You do remember when music could be fun, don’t you? Let this remind you, you’ll thank me.

The info

The Strangerz are originally from Doncaster, but are now based in Manchester. Self-described shouty, feminist punk.

The band is made up of a pair of twins ( singer Martha and her guitarist brother Thomas) and their housemates ( drummer Shannon & bassist Will).

“Hit The Ground” is the third release of the Manchester based punk band. Recorded at Salford University by former student & upcoming producer Lewis Dean the single was first introduced into the band’s set as an opener after being written in the summer of 2022.

Gig Dates

13th April- Jacaranda, Liverpool (supporting Maggie Witch).
22nd April- Intermission Festival, Manchester


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