SINGLE REVIEW: Wolforna – ‘Break You’


If you were expecting classic rock, because that’s what Wolforna are known for, think again. This is going to surprise you, this is no classic rock track.

‘Break You’ is a raw punky rock track, kinda equally punky and rocky, if you get what I’m saying. From its ‘let’s mess around in the studio’ intro to its full blown noisy end this is a riot. To my admittedly older ears it has some of the elements of the early New Wave of British Heavy Metal when bands took the short sharp blast of Punk and applied that to Metal.

Look, whatever we’re going to call the sound, this is a devil may care raucous blast of raw guitar, shouted vocals and pounding drums.

The band say ‘the song is about the push and pull of a toxic relationship, and the agonising reality that comes with not wanting to entirely cut yourself loose from it, despite it being bound for disaster. While it’s written from the perspective of one person, it harnesses the intentions of both people’.So its form follows function.

This, people. is a riot, this is a thrash yourself stupid blast of noise that’s going to rock your world. Stop reading and get listening.

The info

The song was written in November 2022 and, within just a few hours of building out its structure, it flowed seamlessly and the band knew it just had to be the next release.

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