LIVE REVIEW: Todmorden Community Brass, Central Methodist Church Todmorden, 6th June


This 16th anniversary concert featured various groups within the band itself. The senior band, conducted by Pam Smith, opened with a varied set, including a serene and heartfelt performance of the psalm tune “Crimond” and a fast-paced “The Wee MacGregor”.

The training band played a set of more well known music, including the Flintstone, Wombles’ and Muppets’ signature tunes and the quirky “Dance of the Cuckoos” associated with Laurel and Hardy. They concluded with “On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘At”.

The Five-Note Band featured a variety of ages among their musicians. Their set included a melodious “Streets of Laredo” and a “Mexican Clapping Song”.

Finally the Senior Band appeared again, including “The Humming Chorus” adapted from the opera “Madam Butterfly”, a bright, rocking version of “American Patrol” and “Les Miserables. Finally all the musicians came together for a lively performance of “Ballerina”.

A performance that shows the scope of the brass band and the abilities of local musicians of all ages.

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