SINGLE NEWS: Fran Bundey releases third single ‘You Own The Truth’


Having cut her teeth with a unique blend of live and organic electonica, artist/producer Fran Bundey returns with her third single ‘You Own The Truth’ (Monomyth Records). With the vocal pushed to the fore the song sees Fran literally and metaphorically finding her voice. “This song is about the helpless feeling you get when someone twists your words fabricating the truth and therefore holding power over you.” Bundey says “It’s knowing that the best course of action is to do nothing, however frustrating that might be and believing and trusting in your own truth.”

Rather than rely on pre made backing tracks the Leeds based artist has gained a reputation for making live electronic music with every element in Fran’s song made on the fly, celebrating the imperfections and adding a sense of danger: “When I’m crafting this song live it makes me feel like I’m taking back control of the situation” says Bundey “it reminds me not to worry about it and it empowers me.”


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