SINGLE NEWS: Scenius drop remixes of ‘Make It Shiny’


Scenius have released two remixes of their single ‘Make It Shiny’ (taken from their debut album ‘Enough Fears’ – read our review). The track has been remixed by Klammer – purveyors of post-punk wonderfulness – and Nature of Wires – a UK based synthpop/darkwave artist.

I was just going to do a news piece but I can’t resist a mini-review here.

The Klammer remix

Klammer have turned what was already a dark and moody track into something altogether more foreboding, and at times scary. There’s this feel of ‘there’s something not good around the corner’. And yes, there are the sounds of post-punk electronica, there are what sounds like slashing guitars. And this is very definitely on the rock side of post-punk.


The Nature of Wires remix

Nature of Wires have added something darker, and dance. There’s something about this that positively insists you throw some shapes. And it’s somehow sparser than the original, it sounds stripped back and harder.


These are great examples of how a remix can change the nature of a track completely. Go listen.

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