SINGLE REVIEW: Apollo Junction – ‘On The Ropes’


I went through a kind of epiphany with Apollo Junction; I started off liking their huge sounding indie – I am somewhat picky about indie bands, as you might have realised – and then I saw them live. It was at that gig that I fell hook, line and sinker for the band. From that moment on I’ve gushed about them at the drop of a hat.

I’ve fallen for this single big time, big big time. Look there’s big stabby synths, bass to die for, frankly gorgeous backing vocals. And then there’s the chorus. It’s heavy, guitar roars, drums pound. It comes with something of an 80s’ heavy electro-rock thing going on – vocal FXs, ringing guitar, huge drums.

It’s like an electro band doing indie or an indie band doing electro. Whatever you call it, it’s a huge stadium sized sound. It builds into something euphoric, it goes stratospheric.

I know, I gush, but I told you I would, didn’t I. The thing is that Apollo Junction do big indie right. Not only do they do it right but they bring their own twist to it, they throw stuff in the mix – it’s not cookie cutter indie.

This track is gorgeous. Play as loud as you dare (and then crank it up more). Go on, do it, do it now.

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