SINGLE REVIEW: Cliché Cult – ‘Plastic World’


The thing I really like about Cliché Cult is that you never quite know what you’re going to hear when you click play. And they’ve done it again.

‘Plastic World’ kinda fits an Indie thing, even a big indie rock thing. You know what I’m talking about here; big soaring choruses, big tunes and urgent guitars. But wait there’s something else going on; a big huge dose of Britpop. Yep they’ve gone and made their own unique mix of Indie and the Britpop-tastic sound of Suede. It’s there in the lead vocals, it’s there in the ringing guitars in the sonic spaces.

The playing on this track is great, different feels and textures flow through this song seemingly without effort. Lead and backing vocals are faultless.

And let me tell you, it’s a bloody joy, it’s huge. This is a track that soars. It’s emotionally engaging. It’s both a ‘throw yourself around the room with wild abandon’ track and a track that you can sit and appreciate the subtleties with equal enjoyment.

Bloody hell, Cliché Cult have gone and done it again with ‘Plastic World’. This is fantastic.

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