SINGLE REVIEW: Cliché Cult – ‘Talking’


I’ve been very impressed by Cliché Cult’s releases to date; can they do it again? The spoiler – look away if you don’t want to see the result – is yes.

This is a band who I’m not surprised to see switching it up; rather than the more alt-rock previous releases ‘Talk’ sees the band taking an indie path. Sparkly and way bouncy is how I’d sum this up; it’s a joyous riot of danceable riffs, a beat that just won’t give up and a tune that is so damn earwormy.

But this is a band who draw their influences from before, and these are on show here; they throw a little post-punk into the drums and more than a little punk into those guitars. And, you see, the result is all the more riotous for this.

This, my friends, is a burst of outrageous happiness, Summer bliss in a neatly encapsulated 3 minutes 11 seconds. One for going mad to, now that lockdown is (I hope) nearly over. Play loud and get sweaty.

The info

‘Talking’ is the third single from Leeds based 4 piece Cliché Cult. They formed in June 2020, when lockdown had just been lifted, with each member coming to the project with varied experiences and musical backgrounds.

Recorded at The Penthouse Recording studios in April 2021 by Darius Kiani.

Band members:

Jimmy Sweeney – Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Robin Green – Drums
Jake Clayton – Lead Guitar
Jimmy Ingham – Bass


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