SINGLE REVIEW: Cliché Cult – ‘Veronica’


I love the way Cliché Cult keep you guessing right up to the moment you click play; I mean you seriously don’t know what a track is going to sound like.

‘Veronica’ is seriously smooth indie. I guess it sits somewhere between indie-pop and indie-rock. It may have a poppy tune that’s as earwormy as hell but there’s guitar to die for. But, and not unusually for Cliché Cult, there’s something else. There is more than a pinch of big 80s’ pop – that to my ‘been there, got the t-shirt’ ears has the feel of China Crisis and King. Partially this is down to the way the bass sounds and is placed in the mix, and the big soaring chorus.

Anyway, enough of my ‘musical references that don’t mean that much, if anything, to you’. It’s not so much of how it sounds – you can check that out – but how it makes you feel that’s important here. It’s big uplifting joyful music that leaves you feeling happy and compelled to hit repeat.

If you’ve been keeping up with the band – and if not, why not – then you’ll know that this is a band who know their way around their instruments and this has some fab playing and some wonderful sonic nuances woven into the track that lift it way above the average. This rewards repeated listening.

Cliché Cult seem to be making a habit of making huge uplifting soaring tracks right now. ‘Veronica’ is, simply put, bloody fantastic.

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