SINGLE REVIEW: Coping – ‘Chapters’


‘Chapters’ is the debut release from Coping, and boy are they setting a high standard. This thing rocks people. To describe it as bloody loud would be an understatement. Guitars roar, drums pound, it feels almost primeval. It’s fucking brilliant.

I gush, I’m sorry, I haven’t even done the thing that I should do as a ‘good music reviewer’ and tell what it sounds like yet. It’s kinda grunge-y, kinda alt-rock, it’s somewhat post-hardcore – the vocals do that going from pure and soothing to raw, gritty and shouted thing. I guess that because the words – which are fantastic – are emotional and meaningful, you could attach the term ‘emo’ to it. To me though it’s just (I say just) fucking brilliant noisy rock music.

The playing, people, is spot on. The track has a tune, honest you can hum along. It’s sneakily singalong – three plays in and and I was roaring along to the song.

You want something to take you out of yourself, and don’t we all at this moment in time, cue this up, crank the music system as high as it’ll go, and rock out.

The info

The band say:

‘We’re a new band called Coping from Leeds featuring ex. members from Hinges, Quaint and Thick Skin.’

The band is

Myles Petcher – Guitar and Vocals
Keane Holland – Bass
Luke Hudson – Guitar and Backup Vocals
Geromme Melosantos – Drums

Facebook –
Instagram –
YouTube –

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