SINGLE REVIEW: daisy graves – ‘grapejuice’


I am not a huge fan of pop-punk, most of the Green Day era bands and the new crop just don’t grab me. However, I am of course always happy to give a release a listen, and in the case of Leeds’ band daisy graves’ ‘grapejuice’ boy am I really happy I did.

This is one of those ‘instant like’ songs; seconds in and I had the biggest grin on my face. It comes with a great earwormy tune, a great pop element and, of course, those crashing guitars. It’s that great pop element that has me hooked; clever touches of synth, the odd vocal effect. And to top this off there’s the great vocals. Musically this is the full package.

But wait, there’s something else. This is the sweetest love song; bet you weren’t expecting that. It’s just lovely. Now I’m not sure the band are going to be all that happy with me describing it as sweet and lovely but it is. And it’s honest and true to real life.

I’m well and truly hooked. Fantastic tune, great playing, fabulously put together. Words we can all relate to, sung brilliantly. And you can throw yourself around the room, just try not to. Go on, make yourself happy, crank your sound system up loud, and hit play.

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