SINGLE REVIEW: Darren Ellis – ‘Nobody Comes Close’


Darren writes songs that have that ring of coming from a real place, time or situation. And then he puts carefully crafted music with his words, and sings those words with real emotion. This release doesn’t break that recipe, and that’s a very good thing.

‘Nobody Comes Close’ is a smooth as you like ballad – a touch of soul, a hint of RnB, a whole heap of classic pop. It oozes class.

Darren keeps his vocals simple while still conveying emotion. This is not simple, it’s a skill, a craft. The music emphasises the tune but it’s complex in a subtle way. A subtle guitar runs through the song; sometimes upfront, sometimes shifted back in the mix. The variety of sounds in this guitar ‘line’ is amazing, and the more times you listen the more you hear.

Look, this isn’t loud, it doesn’t sound flash and it doesn’t employ layers and layers of clever synths. It doesn’t fit into a fashionable niche. It’s a song that’s written really well, and sung and played with skill and emotion. Basically, that’s all you really need, isn’t it?

‘Nobody Comes Close’ is classic timeless music that you can drift away to. This, my friends, is a lovely thing.

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