SINGLE REVIEW: Dead Extras – ‘Second Rate Sinner’


Dead Extras do, if this track is anything to go by, heavy – and I mean way heavy – alternative rock. It doesn’t really do that alt-rock quiet/loud thing instead it does heavy heavy riffing sections and melodic sections.

In fact so heavy are the heavy sections that I actually find it pretty hard to distinguish this from some metal tracks. It kinda treads that fine and difficult line between alt-rock and metal, but it does this incredibly well. You might also think of this as heavy emo, if that helps. One of my helpful friends thought of this as ‘melodic metal’, I can see what she means. When music is this heavy, genres start to merge I guess.

Look enough of me trying to shove this into some sort of niche. This thing is fucking fantastic, it has guitars to die for, vocals that are sometimes rock and out there, sometimes surprisingly melodic. It has all sorts of subtle touches that surprise in a really good way.

And when isn’t riffing to hell or those strafing guitars are going, it has a tune. The transitions between those sections are seamless and work brilliantly.

It also has, when I managed to get them, some great words. Well worth the time listening hard people.

Before Dead Extras got in contact with me I’d never even heard of them, I find this a rather sad thing, what they do is cool, way way cool. If you like rock of any colour get into this track now people.

The info

Since forming in 2017, Leeds based Dead Extras have played shows with Life Of Agony, Doyle, Teenage Bottlerocket, Puppy, Lightyear and Ducking Punches.

‘Second Rate Sinner’ is the lead single from Dead Extra’s new EP, recorded at Chairworks Studios in Castleford with producer Bob Cooper.

The accompanying music video, shot in the dingy basement of a local venue by well known horror cinematographer Shaun Hodson, captures the song’s relentless sense of entrapment through flashing strobes and an intense performance.

Dead Extras are:

James Rodgers – Bass, vocals
Liam Swanson – Guitar, vocals
Joe Synnott – Drums, vocals
Matthew Wilson – Guitar, vocals

Facebook –

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