SINGLE REVIEW: DENSE – ‘Electric Chair’


If you’ve been keeping up you’ll know that I love DENSE. Their music draws you in, and down, deeper and deeper down, and until all you can think is about the beautifully punishing sound. And this release is no exemption to that.

But first some information. ‘Electric Chair’ is the lead release from the band’s upcoming EP ‘Abjection’. Now I’ve had a sneaky preview of the EP and it’s a killer, but you’ll have to wait until 28th August for that. While you’re waiting ‘Electric Chair’ should keep the need fulfilled.

The thing about this song is that it sounds somewhat slightly different to the usual exquisite wall of sonic wonderfullness. It has a punky edge to that psychedelic garage. Or perhaps it’s more garage-y than psychedelic, at least in places. It has something of a Iggy Pop and The Stooges thing going on – yep it’s that taken to the max and beyond.

The words too are somewhat clearer than you might be expecting if you’re a fan of the band, at least for the beginning of the track. As the track gets heavier the vocals scream and turn into sound. It has a killer guitar riff, I should say riffs, riotous sounds come at you. The thing is that you can hear the layers of sound in this, the guitar doing it’s out there stuff, the bass throbs and the drums, the drums pound manically. You can feel how the power of the track is made. And it does that DENSE drop out, it drops to a bass throb and then winds up again. Those moments of relief, sonic relief, are a respite, a brief respite.

This is the thing about DENSE, while all you may hear at first is the waves of sound, very soon you begin to hear that there’s a structure to all this sound, it’s crafted, it’s far, far away from being mindless. The songs have tunes in them, they’re dynamic, there’s light and shade. Each song is a different journey.

In the days I’ve had access to this, It’s received some heavy rotation here at LSF Towers, at varying degrees of volume – loud to very loud – and I’ve become addicted to it. I’ve discovered that the less noisy bits are something you can dance to, although as it winds up that dancing will become manic until it’s just mad mindless glorious thrashing around the room. As I’ve listened to it more and more I’ve become aware that there’s a tune in there that you can actually hum along to, should you feel inclined

Look people this is fucking fantastic, Listening to it feels like having drills bore into your head, but in a good way, a very good way. Go get your heads drilled.


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