SINGLE REVIEW: False Advertising – ‘Give It Your Worst’/’Scars’


False Advertising’s new single ‘Give It Your Worst’ is out today (10th June) and is available for download or a super limited 7″ medicinal green vinyl version – hmmm yummy – at the time of writing there were only 25 left of these. There’s also a video filmed mostly on a selfie-stick which you can watch above.

I’ve already reviewed ‘Give It Your Worst’ in my review of their ‘Brainless EP’. You can click through to that but this is what I thought.

We’re in pop grunge with a psych edge mode for ‘Give It Your Worst’. I say pop grunge but there’s a hint of a post-punk thing going on as well. I’ve spent quite a lot of time trying to work out what this song is about; without much success. It seems to be about somebody changing themselves to get away from a bad situation – “Gotta get away, Gotta get away” and “I’m at end looking back over nothing”. But how the lines (and this may be the world’s worst misheard lyric) “Leave it to soak, Leave it to soak” fit in with that, I have no idea. We do know that “This feeling won’t go away so I change”, so perhaps there’s some hope there.

I don’t have much to add to that beyond the fact that I still have not the faintest idea what the lines “Leave it to soak, Leave it to soak” mean in the context of the song, and that since I wrote the review this song has really grown on me.

The ‘flipside’ – and yes I know downloads don’t have a flipside but I’m old enough to remember when music only came on vinyl – ‘Scars’ is a new track. And what a song this is. Musically this as fine a piece of grunge as I’ve heard in a long while. There’s light and shade and, if you’ll forgive the use of this of the phrase, it rocks, it rocks hard. The guitar sound on this track is fierce, way fierce. Lyrically it seems to come from the same writing period as some of the tracks on the ‘Brainless EP’. From what I can work out it appears to be about a relationship breakdown. I have the idea that it might well be the ‘piece of my mind’ in ‘Piece of My Mind’, but I might have got that entirely wrong.

If you’ve got the EP already ‘Scars’ is a really good reason to buy the single.

The single is available on iTunes and you can buy the physical single – assuming there are any left – or downloads from Bandcamp

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