SINGLE REVIEW: Fie! Fie! Fie! – ‘Edge of Space’/’Everything I Told You’


So Fie! Fie! Fie! Are back. They are back with a different sound, it’s still recognisably them but it is different – it’s more… well read on.

The lead track ‘Edge of Space’ has this sort of warped Spanish vibe – it’s in the guitar sound. The vocals also have this slightly warped vibe to them. And then to top it off there’s some really spacey keyboards. It almost sounds like it could be the lead track to a space film soundtrack.

I have become strangely addicted to hitting repeat on this track. It’s hard to say exactly why. Part of it is that I really like the bit where it drops to something less warped for a bit and then these eerie keyboards come in. Part of it is that I really the way the vocals work against the music. And part of it is that I keep trying to work out quite what the song is about.

I guess the short answer to why I’m so addicted to this track is that I really like it. The slightly longer answer is that perhaps it reminds me – in the vibe not the sound – of the music I liked in my youth, and it’s this that makes me like it so much. This is not to say it’s retro, it isn’t.

’Everything I Told You’ is perhaps more straight forward. It’s an acoustic song, light, mid-tempo. But wait it has these touches, there are sounds layered in the background, and some really really nice guitar. And then it has this build. It is just lovely.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to hear when the band told us that ‘This is a fresh, brand new way forward for us’ but if this is an indication of the way forward for Fie! Fie! Fie! I really like it.

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