SINGLE REVIEW: Green Gardens – ‘Face’

'This is frankly rather lovely thing, it’s great classy classic pop and it’s pretty near as damn it perfect.'


I was rather taken by Green Gardens last single ‘I’ve Wanted’ and so I was looking forward to a new release. Although the band had warned me that this would be different and a departure from the hooky debut single, this was not quite what I expected.

I’ve been searching for that one single word to describe this and I’ve decided on ‘classy pop’ (and yes I know that’s two words but I’m taking music reviewer’s privilege on that). But there’s more, it’s classy in that sort of 80s classic pop vein. OK so there’s a vaguely indie feel going on, but there are hints of say The Associates, perhaps even ABC or The Divine Comedy there. Oh and perhaps even Aztec Camera, it has that mid-tempo rather country feel as well.

As you’d expect – well I was expecting it – there are some frankly gorgeous vocals on this track. The lead vocal has this slightly affected thing going on which gave me that Associates feel. And there is this rather great section with harmonies. And the thing that really stood out on my first listen was the – lets call it – rather retro guitar sound of the two guitar breaks.

The band themselves say the song “settles in a darker, more nostalgic corner of the bands ever-developing sound. ‘Face’ is a song about falling and human resilience”. And while it’s darker than ‘I’ve Wanted’ it’s certainly not dark dark, it sounds more thoughtful and lyrically is deeper.

In my review of the first single I suggested that it could be best enjoyed with a group of friends, ‘Face’ isn’t that sort of track, perhaps it fits into that post evening out final drink phase of a night with a smaller group of closer friends, it has that intimate feel.

This is frankly rather lovely thing, it’s great classy classic pop and it’s pretty near as damn it perfect.

‘Face’ can be found in all the usual places online as well as a FREE download on Bandcamp.


The info

The band say ‘Leftfield rockers Green Gardens, a blossoming Leeds band, embody an impromptu spirit. With funky riffs and exhilarating choruses, Green Gardens are as much a vehicle of energy as they are an outlet of true expression. Real exploratory sincerity sets them apart from the tiring ‘boys with guitars’ formula as darker themes simmer behind the facade of a smiling four piece in a mixture of old school and current influences’.

Green Gardens is: