'one hell of a finely crafted sophisticated piece of alternative rock'


‘Mania’ is – and I’m not sure quite how the band might feel about this description – one hell of a finely crafted sophisticated piece of alternative rock. OK so it does that quiet, loud, quiet, loud, quiet, loud, very loud thing that alternative rock bands do but it does it with a sense of finesse and attention to the arrangement.

And there are other things that mark it as out of the ordinary. One of these is the vocals, these are great. Another is the touches in the mix, the sound fx, the backing vocals in the loud section. What these do is to take it from your ‘run of the mill’ alternative rock track to something of an epic. You’re going to be drawn in by the opening almost folk influenced opening and then taken up by the soaring searing first loud section. By the way in that first loud section there’s something that sounds very much like types of alarm bell going on – one at the beginning and one at the end. This may be just me hearing things that are not there.

If you listen again – and I recommend you do – you’re going to find yourself waiting for that very loud section, the frankly lovely guitar.

And it comes with a great video. Quite how the video relates to the track I can’y quite work out but it’s compelling.

The info

Originally hailing from the seaside town of Blackpool, all four members of alternative rock band Jekyll now find themselves in different corners of the North West. A far cry from the bright lights and the sugary sticks of rock of their hometown however, the band draw their influences from an altogether darker path, solidifying a reputation for melancholic soundscapes, dynamic mood shifts and visceral intensity.

With their first demos released in 2014 to much praise from local press, including BBC Introducing Lancashire, whose crucial early support was a driving force behind Jekyll’s rapid ascent. It was this support that afforded the band the chance at a BBC Introducing live session as well as being invited to record an EP with an award-winning producer and FOH engineer for Bring Me The Horizon and All Time Low.

It was this EP, ‘Wounds’, which the band earned themselves comparisons to the likes of Muse, Smashing Pumpkins and Editors, comparisons which remain true with their latest single ‘Mania’.

Official Site:

Tour dates

05/10/2017 – Liverpool – Studio 2, supporting Touts and Vistas
07/10/2017 – Manchester – The Castle, Headline
27/10/2017 – Preston – The Ferret
29/10/2017 – Leeds, St Mark’s Church

More dates TBC

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