SINGLE REVIEW: Klammer – ‘Broken Dreams In A Crashing Car’


Now for some old style post-punk, ‘Broken Dreams In A Crashing Car’ is the latest release from post-punk band Klammer. And before I go on, that song title, could you get any more post-punk than that?

Now post-punk comes in many shades and for this there’s something of a Siouxsie and the Banshees thing going on. There’s those scything guitars and that frantic drumming of The Banshees in their early-ish days – the time when the blueprint for Goth was being established. It also comes with a nod to ‘Heroes’ period Bowie; not in ‘let’s copy it’ but they take that feel into their song.

But there’s more to this; there’s a kind of fast/slow thing going on, verses slow, chorus fast. And boy do those choruses soar. Over this the vocals declaim, we are talking vocals with power and richness.

This is one of those tracks that rewards repeated and closer listening. At first it sounds fairly simple sonically but then you start to notice the details. That drumming has this wonderful halting feel in the slow sections. The bass isn’t quite as simple as you initially thought. And that the guitar carries a melody line throughout the track. And all of this adds a richness and depth.

Klammer may hark back to the ‘way back then’ post-punk but they mess with it, they bring in different things. They re-energise it. And I love them for that. ‘Broken Dreams In A Crashing Car’ is a compelling example of the Klammer way. Post-punk joy to the max.

The info

The Leeds based quartet put a contemporary twist on the post-punk attitude. Although there’s plenty of hooks in their songs, there’s a dark and edgy broodiness coursing through the sound of the band.

The track is taken from their upcoming 4th album ‘The Day Before Yesterday’, which will be released in Feb 2022.


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