SINGLE REVIEW: Lewis Jack Inman – ‘Where Are You?’


I have become quietly obsessed with Lewis’ music. It’s compelling, full of emotion and, interesting and inventive musically. And you never quite know what it’s going to be like; you know that it’s going to have that thing that makes it his music, but you never quite know exactly what it’s going to sound like. And this my friends is a good thing.

‘Where Are You?’ is kind of Americana with more than a hint of folk, or perhaps folk with more than a hint of Americana. It’s basically his voice and a guitar. It’s quietly intimate. It charms with melody, a sweet vocal tone and compelling words.

But there’s more to it than his – it starts kind of bluegrass becoming richer with a layer of vocals added. I hesitate to call this a build but there’s a change of feel and musical mood.

I want to come back to how intimate this sounds. How I really want to hear this is in a small darkened room, sitting – perhaps cross legged – right in front of Lewis while he sings this song (sorry I am apt to do this at times given the chance). That’s the feel it has.

It’s the kind of song you can just listen to time after time, with no sign of boredom, it’s that compelling. This song is an object lesson in how sometimes the best songs are simple and unadorned;. letting the writing shine through.

Lewis told me he’s working on an EP; that’s something to wait for, something to look forward to. In the meantime do check this song out (and his previous work. If you want a treat for your ears).

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