SINGLE REVIEW: Liz Mann – ‘Chocolate’


Look at what we have here, the first release from Liz Mann’s solo project. Liz, as if you didn’t know, is better known as the front-person for Leeds’ band Purple Thread.

If you were expecting something like Purple Thread’s raucous sound then think again. ‘Chocolate’ is a retro sounding synth based smooth sultry ballad. It has something of a 70s’ Disco slow number; it’s all pulsing wibbly synth sounds and vocals that drip like smooth rich melted chocolate. But, for those of you who are surprised or taken aback by this, you should remember that Purple Thread take as one ingredient in their sound, the sweet sound of perfect pop. Liz has just let that run wild and free.

I’ve mentioned the vocals in passing but I think I should expand. The vocals on this track are gorgeous; sweet, pure with just the right amount of sultry for the feel of the song. And the harmonies roll over you like honey; silky smooth. Love the vocals, as you might have worked out. Musically those retro synth sounds make something rich sonically. This is not about the dramatic swells, it’s about the smoothness, the soft waves of sound, the meltingness of it all.

This is intimate, it draws you in, it compels you to listen. I love great pop and this is great pop. I haven’t heard a pop song that’s as damn near perfect as this for ages.

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