SINGLE REVIEW: Lucky Iris – ‘23’


Another wonderful release from those makes of pop with depth and an edge, Lucky Iris. The music is fab but, as always, it’s the fact that the song is about something that gives it that depth.

Here in ‘23’ the duo address the disappointments of being in your early twenties and not having the things you dreamt about having then when you were younger; a cat, a dog, a house. They’re small things in the big picture but small things are important. More significantly there’s not getting to do what you want to do, and having adulthood sitting on you already. Although being in my early twenties may be somewhat in my rearview mirror, I definitely remember these feelings. But there’s a hopeful note, there’s still time to get to where you want to be, life isn’t over.

The mixed feelings in the words are kind of reflected in the music and the vocals. There’s a hint of disappointment in the vocals at times, contrasted with a hopeful tone at other points. The music is pop, yes, but pop with depth. It sounds both upbeat and downbeat at the same time. Retro-ish synths are mixed brilliantly with more ‘of now’ sounds. Sounds with a brittle edge stab out. And all of this with a beat that you can’t resist. It’s a sound that is different from their previous releases but it’s an evolution in sound rather than a major shift

I love great pop – pop that makes you think as well as having a tune and a beat that’s addictively irresistible and this is that. And that’s what makes this so-so wonderful.


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