SINGLE REVIEW: Lucky Iris – ‘(i’m not good at writing) love songs’


This song is released on Valentine’s Day but this is no song about the joys of love and coupledom; it is instead a song for the broken-hearted and the currently uncoupled, so to speak. It is an anti-Valentine’s Day song, to coin a phrase. If you’re wondering about the title, it’s likening the ability to have good relationships to the ability to write love songs. It’s obvious now you know, isn’t it.

Maeve (vocals) explains ‘To say I’ve been unlucky in love is probably putting it nicely… I used to give all of my time and energy to a series of relationships, but I got nothing in return. At the time I was honestly perplexed as to where I kept going wrong… in retrospect, it was more a matter of putting my time into the wrong people… but that’s a song in itself’. And that is the story the song tells right there

While the song may be about something, let’s say not too good, the song itself is the sweetest pop song – bedroom-pop vocals, the smoothest tune, a great slow groove. It’s classy and catchy. And the sound is so so good; it’s rich but not too dense. You can hear that they could have loaded layers of sounds onto this; but they haven’t, it’s just right.

Lucky Iris do great pop, every release is a joy. But ‘(i’m not good at writing) love songs’ is something else – a step up, an extra level of fabulousness. It’s pop with class, style and emotional depth. It’s beautiful, wonderful, perfect pop.

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