SINGLE REVIEW: Luna Pines – ‘good luck and do your best’


Luna Pine’s releases always give me a bump of joy, a thrill of excitement. What they do is to make songs that layer music, voice and words to tell a story, to describe a feeling. And yes they have a ‘sound’ but their songs sound different; it’s a case of form follows function if you get my drift.

Their songs are always based on something personal. I’ll leave Lotte to tell us about this one.

‘This is a song about not feeling good enough for the people in your life and feeling isolated from the people that you love. It was written with my friends Kieran and Ryan after I was diagnosed with an extremely bad anxiety disorder that confined me to my house for months a couple of years ago, and then not long after my friend and longtime musical collaborator who wrote a lot of Luna Pines material with me took his own life. It ended up almost feeling like a conversation with him when I was recording it, with the call and response between the female and male vocal on the track amplifying that’

There is something intimate about this song; you feel drawn into the song, you share your space with the song. Everything is low key, there’s nothing that jolts you away from your connection with the song. And yes, in line with their ‘sound’ it’s a dense sound – the vocals are kind of submerged; But at its heart it’s a song with a great tune. This is more obvious at the start but it’s there as a constant reminder. It has, and this may just be me, the feel of a great 70s’ soul ballad. I know, strange for a sound that is so ‘of now’ electronic alt-pop, but it’s there deep in the mix.

I could use words like clever and technically impressive to describe the song but that’s missing the point. This is an intimate and emotional song. It sounds gorgeous and is about something deeply personal. And it is beautiful

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