SINGLE REVIEW: Mayshe-Mayshe – ‘Indigo’


The title track of Mayshe-Mayshe’s upcoming album ‘Indigo’ is a darker and moodier track than the first release ‘Dark Mountain’. While it has the elements, or at least some of the elements, of electro-pop, this is really all about atmosphere.

From the start with moody synth, strangely of-kilter rhythm and almost whispered vocals to the build of layered vocals and an anxious skittering sound; this is a track to immerse yourself in, let it take you on a musical journey.

If I am forced to pick it apart, which as a reviewer I guess is part of the job, there are hints of the influences of early post-punk electronica, more than a touch of 80s’ synth driven pop and dance music, techno, and a huge dose of what I’m going to call DIY electronica. But the whole blends and melds these into something which has that sound she does. I say the sound she does but I get a sense of something new in the sound. My problem is this is something I can’t define right now.

It’s a word I often over-use but this track is beautiful; layers of carefully chosen dreamy sounds and vocals are put together with craft and, yes, emotion to make something that is absolutely mesmerising.

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The info

Mayshe-Mayshe is the solo project of Yorkshire-based writer-producer Alice Rowan. Since releasing her debut LP ‘Cocoa Smoke’ in 2018, much in the world has changed – or at least become more apparent.

She has also played alongside members of Juffage, Vessels and Esper Scout in Leeds-based band Living Body.

Her new album ‘Indigo’ – due out on 11th November unpeels layers of ennui, uncertainty and melancholy against a backdrop of glittering DIY electronica.

The album is written, recorded and produced by Rowan. Embracing the DIY ethos that’s a clear drive behind all Rowan’s creative output, she’s spent the last years honing her production and home recording skills. “Learning to self-produce my music has been such a joyful, empowering experience – it feels like having a super power, having this new ability to create sonic worlds from my sofa.”

Upcoming live dates:

​10 November – Newcastle @ Cobalt Studios
11 November – York @ Fortyfive Vinyl Cafe
12 November – Sheffield @ Hatch
14 November – Derby @ Dubrek Studios
15 November – Durham @ The Holy Grale
17 November – Leeds @ Oporto Bar
18 November – Manchester @ Peer Hat
20 November – Halifax @ The Grayston Unity
26 November – Richmond @ Blues Night

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