SINGLE REVIEW: OtherPeoplesLives – ‘Endless Wave’

OtherPeoplesLives have produced something here that is beautiful, beautifully twisted and full of emotion


I should know by now that it’s easy to be misled by those genre tags on Soundcloud ‘Endless Wave’ took me by complete surprise because the tag says ‘Doom Pop’. I expected something perhaps rather goth in nature, what I didn’t expect was what I heard.

This track is to be frank incredibly beautiful but twisted and warped. You’ll see what I mean when you listen to it. It’s all, and I can think of no other way to describe this, bendy. It has it’s doomy moments musically but the beauty shines through.

Driven by one of those deceptively simple guitar figures and the most understated vocals I’ve heard in a long time, this track dips and sways as it slowly builds. That guitar builds until it burns – it’s not a screaming thing but a gradual slow burn. And then there’s these bits were another vocal voice comes in, that’s oh so good. I don’t want to describe this it’s something you have to hear for yourself.

And the production on this is great, listen closely and there’s all sorts of stuff going on, like this whirring synth that sits way way down in the mix.

The result of this is a track that grabs your emotions – it’s not going to leave you feeling exactly happy but I found it addictive going back to the track again and again.

For the life of me I can’t find an easy way of saying who might like this – it’s pop – in a sort of 80s’ synth band way – but not as we know it, there are elements that might be considered to be a bit psych, and there are some distinct post-punk sounds. This then is music for people who like music that isn’t that easily pigeon-holed.

OtherPeoplesLives have produced something here that is beautiful, beautifully twisted and full of emotion.

‘Endless wave’ is available now for preview. The single is released on 24th April.

OtherPeoplesLives are

Matt – Lead Vocals & Guitars
Chris – Bass & Vocals
James – Guitars, Piano & Vocals
Ellis – Drums


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