SINGLE REVIEW: Perfectparachutepicture – ‘They Only Want’


Sheffield based duo Perfectparachutepicture (that name is something of a reviewer’s nightmare, autocorrect can be a real pain with names like that) are a band I’ve been wanting to review for some time. So, even though it’s been out for a couple of weeks, I thought I’d take the opportunity with this release.

They describe themselves as alt-rock, and I get that, this track does that alt-rock thing but it also does something of a post-punk thing. It’s in that heavy bass sound, it’s in the synth sounds, it’s even in the vocals. It has something of a Goth sound in there, I’m thinking Sisters of Mercy here people. This is dark, way dark.

All of this makes for something of a banging track that I can imagine myself throwing myself around to, given the chance. And this is helped by the fact that it has a beat that rocks and is way danceable. This is a clever thing – to make a track that rocks hard but has a rhythm to die for.

So this a release for alt-rock fans, post-punk fans, fans of music you can dance to madly. And it sounds better the louder you play it. This is one cool song, if you’ve not picked up on it yet, do that, do that now.

The info

Their debut album ‘No Modern Desire’ is out now

The band are:

Edward James
Kyle Ernest

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