SINGLE REVIEW: Phoenix Indigo – ‘Mad Man’


How to describe this track from Phoenix Indigo? The simple way would be to describe it as lovely but I don’t think I’d be doing my job as a music reviewer if I did that. A better way would be to describe it as both ambient electronica and, sometimes folk influenced, singer/songwriter.

I’m going to be honest here; the first time I listened to this song I didn’t get it. Musically I found it good but the full force of the song didn’t hit me until I sat down to listen without distractions. I needed to apply a little effort. And then I got it.

This is a song about the struggle of trying to stay sane, the feeling of being alone in that struggle. The feeling of feeling worthless.

At the heart of this song lies a beautifully simple tune played on guitar and a simple but effective vocal full of understated emotion. But this is draped in droney ambient sounds that convey the meaning of the words. How these words might at times be submerged in the layers of sound but that conveys the feeling of trying to stay sane, the quiet internal struggle, that feeling of being submerged and alone.

This then is a song that is all about telling a story in sound and words, about evoking emotions, about conveying the feeling of going under. But this is not about ‘going big and overly emotional’ and that makes it all the more effective and real. And there’s beauty and truth in that; beauty and truth that demands your attention.

The info

Musician from the city of Hull, creating ambient/alternative styled music inspired by a variety of artists such as Ben Howard, and others.

‘Mad Man’ is taken from his upcoming E.P ‘The Burnout’ available 16th July.

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