SINGLE REVIEW: Restless Youth – ‘The Tobacconist’


Leeds’ band Restless Youth do songs that are stories about everyday life, about things they see and experience. They are, if you forgive me this slightly pretentious statement, the musical equivalent of street photography; they take the everyday and turn it into art.

Setting the scene for ‘The Tobacconist’ the band say ‘You’re soaking up the sun in a local park, with a can of your poison and good company; when you’re approached by a young man selling cheap illegal tobacco. Usually you shrug off these types, but something about him tells you there’s a story to be told. This is that story’.

This story is told in both almost spoken word rap and soulful vocals over slightly jazzy, touches of soul – piano up front, a jazzy groove to die for. And rest assured you are in for some fine fine playing here; this is a band who know their musical stuff.

This is one entertaining song; the mix of soulful jazzy sounds, spoken word and soulful vocals can be described in no other way as happiness encapsulated. The musical breakdowns for spoken words that shine. This is mixed media music that conveys the story in words, music, sonic textures, feel and mood.

The reason you want to go back to their songs time and time again is not just because musically they’re fab but because the words in their songs are like poetry or prose. You can really get your teeth into them.

I adore what the band do; and this is, in my humble opinion, their most adorable release yet. A wonderful short story in musical form.


The info

Restless Youth play a unique fusion of genres; using elements of various contemporary styles to create their infectious, upbeat sound. Formed by disgruntled students in Leeds, the band focus on telling the stories of local characters, whilst keeping your feet tapping

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