SINGLE REVIEW: Sandra’s Wedding – ‘What Did You Do In The War?’


A while ago – it seems an age – I reviewed Sandra’s Wedding’s EP ‘Good Morning, Bad Blood’ and loved it. News of a new single was a joy to hear.

And listening to the single was a joy, ‘What Did You Do In The War?’ is a somewhat Latin tingled song that builds from voice, drums and acoustic to something with trumpet and rather wonderful guitar. And it’s earwormy, earwormy to the max, I love a song with a great tune and this song has a great tune.

But there’s something else about this song. It’s not about what the title might give you an impression it’s about. It appears, and I say appears because despite having listened to it carefully lots of times I haven’t managed to quite pin it down, to cover subjects like Brexit, global warming, anti-social behaviour, and the relevance of the Labour Party today. I guess in a general sense, and I may be wrong, it’s about being active, about standing up for your beliefs.

The risk with a song that is broadly political is that it might sound preachy but ‘What Did You Do In The War?’ doesn’t. The words are great, they are compelling. I didn’t just listen to it lots of times to try and work what the song was about but also to hear the words. And with that tune and that arrangement, you could just listen to it and tap a foot or even throw the odd shape, but I’d suggest you do actually try and listen to the words, they’re important.

Sandra’s Wedding consistently makes great songs, this is yet another of those.

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