SINGLE REVIEW: Serinette – ‘Bear It Alone’

'... it’s pretty damn perfect as it is. It may even be perfect enough to make it onto my perfect list'


Although Serinette describe their sound as ‘alternative/indie/pop’ I’ve always thought that there’s a distinct 80s rock-pop thing going on in their sound. This seems to be more upfront to me on the new single ‘Bear It Alone’. Perhaps it’s that organ, sparse drumming and vocal intro, or it may be that speeding up before it all breaks down. It may just be me searching for something to hang that Serinette sound on.

Musically this twists and turns, there’s a lot going on, it’s a musical journey. The band are really really tight. There’s a distinct edge to the sound which given the lyrics really works. What also works is Louise Radford’s voice which is right up front and is just, well, right. Live I’d guess this is going to be awesome.

And now to the bit of the review where I say what I think could be better. Well in this case I’m struggling. For the sake of something to say I guess I can say it could be longer but really that’s just being picky, it’s pretty damn perfect as it is. It may even be perfect enough to make it onto my perfect list, only time will tell.

There’s no denying it I really like this track. Reviewing something requires a number of listens of course but frankly I’ve listened way more than I really needed to. It’s my current earworm.

So I really like it but are you going to? If you like a really well crafted rock song with great playing and singing then yes. But don’t take my word for it, hit play on the video.

The single is available to buy from iTunes:

If, like me until recently, Serinette are new to you then you can check out their Soundcloud and YouTube Channels, links below.


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