SINGLE REVIEW: Sir Curse – ‘Glad I Woke Up’


Sir Curse are a big band – literally, when I saw them live at The Lending Room the stage was packed – who make big music. They’re one of those bands who don’t fit into an easy niche; call them rock with a dance pop sensibility, call them classic pop with more than a hint of rock. This, sadly for me, makes them hard to pin down for the reader. I’m going to have a go here, so let’s dive in.

‘Glad I Woke Up’ is like a big synth pop track but harder and with guitars. Or even a pop/alt-rock mix-up. You see, already I’m finding this difficult. It has a big earwormy tune; that’s the pop-rock thing in the mix but it also has revved up guitars. You could, if you’re that way inclined and I am, throw some dance shapes and then rock out as the music takes you.

But, and this is important as I mentioned classic pop, it also has a sound that harks back to way back when. With my somewhat older ears I get hints of artists like Judie Tzuke and Kate Bush; makers of those big ballads with a rock edge. Obviously Sir Curse are taking that rock thing a lot further.

So I hope you get the idea here, this song is a wonderful mix of melody and hard rock, the dreamy and the raging. A song that mesmerises you with smooth smooth sounds and then batters your ears with joyous noise.

But wait, there is more. This is a song that tells a story with great words. The playing is faultless. And I have fallen under the spell of the vocals. That voice goes from gently caressing your ears to full on rock vocal and back again.

Sir Curse are an amazingly good band who you need to hear, who you need to see. ‘Glad I Woke Up’ is an utterly incredible song that’s going to rock your world. This is all kinds of wonderful. Get to it.

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