SINGLE REVIEW: Wolforna – ‘Writing On The Walls’


I’ve been thinking hard about how to describe this new release from Wolforna, and the closest I can come is alt-rock meets classic rock. I’m not sure I’d go as far as my helpful friend who described it as ‘Dio period Rainbow plays alternative rock’ but I get what she’s saying.

To explain further it does the quiet/loud thing of alt-rock but the playing is sophisticated classic rock. Carefully chosen exquisite sounds paint an atmospheric picture in sound with the most fabulous vocal soars off them.

The thing I love most about this track is the restraint of it all; the way it holds back from going full-on batshit crazy. And then there’s the space in the sound; all of the players are given a space to shine. Extra feel and atmosphere is added by the careful use of synths; a first for the band.

The vocals I’ve already mentioned as being a highlight but I couldn’t not mention the guitar and drums. The guitar goes from beautifully played quiet passages to full on noise. The drums are inventive; they resisted the temptation to fill every available space, instead they opt for sparse and inventive.

And this song tells a story; the story of a world and society falling apart. Is this now, is this to come? It feels like now to me.

Wolforna are making music their own way, a wonderful way. This song is anthemic, sophisticated and musically beautiful. Get to it. Play loud.

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