SINGLE REVIEW: Soft Jocks – ‘Love Like Elvis’


I don’t usually go a bundle on poppy punk songs but ‘Love Like Elvis’ has kinda grabbed me and won’t let go. After much thought, this is for two reasons. Firstly because it’s more punky, and for that matter, more garage rock, than most US style pop-punk. And secondly because it comes with humour, look this thing leaves you smiling, fuck no, grinning.

This is because I miss that punk back in the day often came with a cheeky slice of British humour. I’m thinking of say Peter and The Test Tube Babies, whose songs while often not very PC or for that matter suitable for your parents, were filled with laughs. Do check out ‘All About Love’, ‘Louise Wouldn’t Like It’ where they subvert post-punk, or ‘Elvis Is Dead’  most appropriately. Sorry I got a bit carried away there. But the point is made.

And yes, while I say it’s more punky and has more than a dash of garage rock, it comes with a tune that’s so damn earwormy, that’s what gives it the pop thing. It also comes with guitar to die for, drums that just thrash, and riotous vocals. So all is good. In fact all is fantastic.

This rocks, people. It’s a blast of pure unadulterated fun.

The info

Soft Jocks are Joel, Edd and Tom.

Combining British humour with Californian style, Soft Jocks are honing an experimental and charming brand of punk rock which is bound to make you want to dig out those old Tony Hawks soundtracks, grab your skateboard and shotgun some Bud Light.

Formed in 2020, friends Joel, Edd and Tom are from very different parts of the world – London, Leeds, and San Diego – but were drawn together by a mutual love of bands like Pavement, the Descendents, and The Ramones. They don’t take themselves seriously and peddle well-crafted songs that are fun, lively and loud, enhanced by witty lyricism, top musicianship, and a close bond that shines through the tracks.

With radio plays on BBC Introducing and a place on the latest Independent Music News compilation already under their belt, they are now the flagship signings on Sheffield’s Elephant Arch Records.

Soft Jocks released their debut EP, Socking Dinners, in April, 2020. ‘Love Like Elvis’ is the second single from Soft Jocks Upcoming EP ‘Sinking Dingers’, out on Elephant Arch Records

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