SINGLE REVIEW: Su, I Think – ‘Leave’


Su. I think is one of those artists where you just know that a release is going to be great, and ‘Leave’ is no exception. What we have here is a somewhat 80s dreamy electro-pop track that checks off all the right boxes.

The first of these is that it has the most earwormy tune. It’s the sort of tune where you could swear you’ve heard the song before. What I’m not saying here is that it reminds me of a song I’ve heard before, but the tune has what I describe as being in my head already. This happens to me sometimes, it’s a lovely thing when it does. I guess you could say it’s about being instantly easy to listen to. The second is that it’s put together so perfectly. It’s sounds that are just right for the track. And then there’s the vocal which is like sinking into your favourite pillow.

So what we already have is the three things that are crucial for a fabulous pop track. The added sprinkles (so to speak) are that it has words that are really well written and tell a story; a story that we can all relate to. Su explains “‘Leave’ is a track written about being in a relationship that you know isn’t working. After trying to communicate; you still can’t make it work. It’s knowing you love this person truly whilst also knowing they are having a negative effect on your life. It’s about accepting the fact that they cannot offer what your soul needs”.

Their songs often explore the complexities of relationships but never from the same place, the same angle. Whether this song is based on actual events isn’t the important thing, the important thing is that it sounds real, and this is.

It’s not often that I use this word but this is just fabulously perfect. Every element – words, vocals, music and production – is just gorgeous. If you’re a fan of perfect pop then this is very definitely for you.

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