SINGLE REVIEW: Su, I Think – ‘Pipe Dream’


This is the first release from Su, I Think. Su I Think is an artist formerly known as Susan, who I’ve reviewed in the past. Along with a new name there’s a change of direction. Gone is the moody atmospheric electronica to be replaced by some frankly out-there electro rock.

‘Pipe Dream’ sits in the area between glam and indie-rock musically with more than a hint of punky attitude. We are talking bursts of big raw guitar, choppy staccato guitar, big synths and vocals that come with a sneer. But, and crucially, there’s a pop sensibility; a tune, great backing vocals. And raucous that guitar might be but it’s not outrageously loud. And that ‘holding something back’ makes a fabulous tension in the music; is it going to go further, will it explode in something approaching heavy rock?

Su explains what the song is about “‘Pipe Dream’ is a track written about realising the life that you’re living is not the one you dreamed of as a kid. It is about looking at the state of your life and allowing yourself to feel angry. It’s about being pathetic and putting yourself to the side before doing anything about it. Essentially this song is me winding myself up and doing nothing to remedy it. I think we have all been there”. They go on “I wanted to write about this situation from a different perspective, focusing in on the desperate side of wanting more; yet not knowing how to get out of your current situation. Watching the days go past and counting the seasons away. Whether you’re lost or healing, taking time for yourself is always difficult”.

And that is reflected in the music; there’s the feel of that primeval scream of frustration and being desperate in it.

This ‘debut’ release is a thrilling statement of where Su, I Think is going’. This is a fantastic track that hits hard in all the right places. It’s electric, people. Go grab yourself some Su, I Think and get that thrill.

The info

Su on the making of the video

“The music video is a co-directed project with film maker Italia Minchella, who worked closely with me to enforce a vision that we both saw was fitting for this track. The video is a performance video with dramatic glitches throughout the edit. We shot the video in a studio and just went nuts. Italia has such an eye for styling and filmography and it was a blessing to work with her. We felt this performance was the rawest way to convey what the track is about. This is what happens when you stop to wait for the universe to owe you
something. You ignore your self worth and eventually fall in on yourself; thus eventually find yourself stuck.

“Co-directing the visual was so essential for me as we wanted to keep it as raw and honest as possible, leaving the audience to gain their own personal understanding of the events taking place.”

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