SINGLE REVIEW: susan – ‘rose’


‘rose’ is the fourth track from the monthly released project from susan, suepreme (see below for a link to the project website). The singles are released on the first Thursday of every month with a visual and merchandise drop.

Being honest, susan are completely new to me, although reading the bio they have played a number of high profile shows. Again being honest, it was the nature of the suepreme project that hooked me into actually listening to the track.

It really only took a few seconds and I was hooked. ‘rose’ is a darkly melancholic electronica track. A mournful vocal over sparse layers of sound, unexpected vocal fxs, strangely alienating sounds. However the song builds to a lusher and, let’s call it, happier end. There is a sense of growth – both musically and lyrically – reflecting the song’s subject.

Even if you didn’t know what the song was about, you’d know, so effectively does the music communicate.susan explains, “‘’Rose’ is a track written about finding yourself within spaces where self love isn’t acceptable; Eventually pushing you to a place where you experience a higher knowledge of self. It’s about realising your worth through self doubt and depreciation. The track was produced with CackleHill (Umru and Charli XCX), It needed to invoke the unsettling feeling of not understanding deeply who you are”.

The thing I really like about this track is that while it’s electronica, it conveys emotion, a story and is moving. And it’s beautiful, beautiful musically and lyrically.

The info

susan is an experimental electro pop artist , led by the unique musings of singer/songwriter/producer Susan Reby. susan explores the overpowering feelings of growing up different, documenting their utopian getaway..

Supreme project:

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