This song from TRUNC (the band formerly known as The Elephant Trees) is a raging raw raucous punk anthem delivering an insight of the restless generation emerging from the solitary confinement of the last few years; covering mental health, sexuality, and life in Britain. You know the full nine yards and more.

Over an angry breakbeat and raging guitars Martha delivers the words monologue style; and boy is she fucking angry. It seethes with a justifiable anger, frustration and a need for recognition, validation and just more bloody life.

The key thing is while the words spill out at a rate of knots, skipping from subject to subject; this is no mindless rant, it’s a meaningful rant that just makes sense, that hits home hard. This is one powerful song.

I have to be honest here but I’ve not been keeping an ear out for TRUNC, now I’m wondering why; with words and music this good I’ve clearly been missing out. ‘Bored’ is a song for our times. Oh, and if you like to mindlessly throw yourself around a room, this is one for you. This is fucking brilliant.

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