If you were expecting WUZI’s trademark wall of sound, you’re going to be surprised. ‘Day Is Over’ is psychy but it’s lighter. The band describe this as indie-rock but I kind of disagree. Yes there are hints of indie-rock but there’s something that I can only describe as a Dukes of the Stratosphere psychedelic fuzzy pop thing going on, and even something of a World Party thing going on.

And while I say it’s lighter, it features out-there guitar and towards the end it bursts into bass heavy fuzz heavy riffing. It’s like the band couldn’t resist doing that.

OK so you know – unusually for me – now what it sounds like. I guess I’m going to have to apologise for the Dukes of the Stratosphere and World Party references. These are not recent bands, but come on people we all have time to Google and search Spotify these days, so get on it.

Apart from the bass and fuzz heavy ending, what else is great about the song. Well what stands out for me is the vocal, I adore the vocal on this. And the guitar is cool, way cool, these out-there guitar bits are kinda pushed back in the mix but they rage, and I love the backing vocals that float over them.

And somehow although it’s lighter it still does that thing that WUZI do to me, it pulls you in. This is because, I think, mainly because it’s put together with sounds that surprise, layers of sound that you want to explore. And also because it’s still swirly, it does that swirly WUZI thing.

I love this single, it ticks all my psychedelic boxes – so to speak. It has a lovely tune and the playing is, as you’d expect, fantastic. If you’ve not experienced WUZI before, play this and then delve into their back catalogue.

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