SINGLE REVIEW: Zach Pygall – ‘Casino’


When I saw Zach play live back in late last year this track stuck in my head – it was definitely one of my favourites, so news that Zach was releasing it as single was greeted with joy here at LSF Towers. Even better the song features The Harriets as Zach’s backing band, so it’s all good, it’s all more than good.

So the song itself tackles gentrification in the North of England which is pretty big topic, but Zach takes a personal approach to the subject and it’s all the more effective lyrically for that. But it’s the fact that those lyrics are sung over what is a raucous country-rock arrangement – it’s all crunching guitars, throbbing bass and roaring organ – that really makes it for me. It’s a joy people. A bloody joy. It rocks.

The thing about this song, is that it rewards closer listening, yeah so that crunching country-rock is fantastic, but the words are really worth listening to, Zach’s a great writer of words. So do that people, really listen to the words.

Zach’s one of those singer/songwriters that I’m always recommending to people – he’s just quietly great. The words are always great, and musically it’s fantastic. This single doesn’t disappoint in any way. Lovely stuff.

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