VIDEO LAUNCH: The Velcro Teddy Bears – ‘That’s What Makes You Right’


The video is for the track ‘That’s What Makes You Right’, a stomping blues-rock number in the vein of Reef, early Pearl Jam and ‘Second Coming’-era Stone Roses, with wailing guitars and full-throated vocals. The song is due to feature on an upcoming EP ‘What Makes You Right’ to be released on DMF Digital.

The group have been grafting away on the live circuit for three years now, first as an acoustic act and more recently as an electric outfit, and have a reputation as a great live act and a loyal following to show for it.

After finishing university the lifelong mates were determined to find an environment where they could continue to create and grow as an act – without losing band members to the ratrace. And so they took on a local pub, ‘The Royal Standard’, and began running it.

Initially this project was a way for the group to keep bringing in some money as they worked on their music; a bubble within which they could focus on the most important thing to them, which was rock and roll. However as time has passed the pub has become a popular live venue and a focal point for the local music scene, with the lads putting on regular nights and encouraging local bands and artists to play.

With their 70’s swagger, great tunes and true dedication to the rock ‘n’ roll cause, it’s no surprise these Bears are making their mark on the Sheffield music scene. And with this upcoming video, The Velcro Teddy Bears take another step towards the big time.

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